Success Stories

Ms. Myer has successfully represented clients in the following matters during her 25+ year career:

  • Recovered a substantial sum from an employee who stole from the employer.
  • Enforced an employee’s right to be paid commissions and bonuses for successful sales efforts.
  • Obtained summary judgment as to claims of breach of fiduciary duty against a departed employee.
  • Recovered a severance for an employee who was wrongfully terminated.
  • Enforced a franchisee’s obligations under a terminated franchise agreement.
  • Favorably resolved a dispute over a church’s management and property.
  • Drafted and enforced post-employment conduct restrictions, including covenants not to compete and not to solicit customers in Georgia, despite Georgia courts’ reluctance to enforce these covenants.
  • Protected clients from enforcement of poorly drafted post-employment conduct restrictions.
  • Enforced favorable financial terms of a severance provision in an employment agreement even though the client was terminated for cause.
  • Obtained settlement of a contentious business divorce, pursuant to which the client received a substantial sum in a combination of share re-purchase and severance.
  • Obtained a defense verdict in a wage & hour claim following a jury trial in United States District Court.
  • Negotiated favorable settlements of numerous wage & hour, discrimination and retaliation claims, for employees and employers,  following completion of investigation.
  • Represented individuals and businesses in favorable resolutions of gender, race, religion and disability discrimination claims.
  • Negotiated a favorable settlement of an Americans With Disabilities Act claim mid-trial.
  • Negotiated a favorable settlement of a franchise dispute mid-trial.
  • Protected client trade secrets and confidential information from misappropriation by former employees and competitors.
  • Enforced financial obligations, including promissory notes and commercial personal guaranties.
  • Advised clients regarding licensing and other protections for company property.