Posting on Facebook Can Create Problems for Employment Applicants

In recent years, employers large and small have added Internet searches to their pre-hire investigations of job candidates.  If you are applying for a job, postings by or about you on the Internet can come back to haunt you, regardless of how long ago they may have been posted – or even how long ago they may have been taken down.

A variety of Internet search tools exist that will enable a prospective employer to find not only current postings but also postings that have (theoretically) been removed from the Internet.  A posting that contains profane or embarrassing comments or poses, reports of inappropriate or illegal activities such as use of illegal drugs, excessive use of alcohol or sexual exploits, could prompt an employer to decline to hire you, even if the posting is old and arguably no longer a reflection of the “real you”.

The reason for declining to hire could be simply that the employer fears being embarrassed by your activities even if they are in the past, or that the employer regards the postings as an indication of poor judgment.  Regardless of the reason, the postings can prevent you from being hired.  So think carefully before you post anything other than the most mundane information on the Internet.  If it is something that you wouldn’t want your mother to see, don’t post it.  And if it has already been posted, take it down immediately so that you will at least be able to argue that you have outgrown whatever exploits are featured in the posting.

The analysis set forth in this article is provided for general understanding only and should not be considered legal advice.  Counsel should always be consulted for advice regarding a specific situation.

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