New NLRB Poster is Available at NLRB Website

As is noted in a prior posting, the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) has implemented a rule requiring most employers to post a notice of certain workers’ rights beginning November 14, 2011.  This rule applies to most private sector employers, regardless of whether they are a union shop.  The poster is now available for download at  Although this is certainly not a popular rule among non-union employers, there are two reasons to comply.  First, a failure to post the notice after November 14 may in some cases result in the NLRB extending the normal six month statute of limitations for filing a charge alleging unfair labor practice.  Thus, employers will gain certainty and closure by complying with the posting requirement.  Second, depending on other circumstances, a failure to post the notice could be interpreted by the NLRB as evidence of unlawful motive in a case involving other alleged unfair labor practices.

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