Georgia Enacts Another Legislative “Fix” to Restrictive Covenant Law

Those who have followed Georgia’s restrictive covenant saga are already aware that, in 2009, Georgia enacted a law designed to rewrite the common law governing restrictive covenants in employment agreements.  The 2009 law, which was widely regarded as unconstitutional as written, was expected to become effective immediately upon passage of a constitutional amendment designed to […]

Georgia Legislature Passes Revised Restrictive Covenants Law

During the final hours of the 2011 legislative session, the Georgia Legislature passed a revised law governing restrictive covenants (covenants not to compete, covenants not to solicit customers, covenants not to solicit other employees and nondisclosure agreements).  The Governor is expected to sign the legislation, but he has not done so at this writing.  Although […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution Part 2: Arbitration

Part 1 of this series discussed mediation.  This second part discusses arbitration, another dispute resolution method that provides an alternative to the traditional path of going to court to resolve a dispute. The chief difference between mediation and arbitration is that in mediation the parties work to reach a resolution of their differences on which […]

Alternative Dispute Resolution Part 1: Mediation

News reports and television dramas often make reference to mediation, but rarely explain what mediation means.  And when there is an attempt to explain mediation, the explanation may not be accurate.  So what is mediation?  And why is it useful? Mediation is an effort to negotiate a settlement among two or more parties that have […]

Employment Basics for Small Businesses

Over the years, many start-up businesses have asked what they need to do to begin setting up their human relations policies.  While small businesses often don’t have the wherewithal to develop detailed human relations policies – and almost certainly don’t have a full-time human relations director – some steps should be taken early on to […]

What Is An Injunction And When Can One Be Obtained?

Television news programs often make reference to companies or the government obtaining injunctions against various types of conduct.  This article explains what an injunction is and when/how one might be obtained from a court. Businesses sometimes have a need to stop – enjoin – a person or another business from doing something harmful to the […]