What is a Temporary Restraining Order?

WHAT IS A TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER? Businesses sometimes have a need to stop – enjoin – a person or another business from doing something harmful to the business.  Often this occurs in the context of an employee leaving and taking confidential information with him/her, or a former employee attempting to divert business away from the […]

Georgia Legislature Tries to “Fix” Problem With Effective Date of Restrictive Covenants Law

Georgia faces a very confusing situation with respect to the effective date of its recent change in the law governing restrictive covenants in employment and other agreements.  Until recently, Georgia’s law governing noncompetes, covenants not to solicit customers and employees, and nondisclosure of confidential material was found in a body of Georgia caselaw that all […]

Biting the Hand That Feeds You: Facebook Postings About Your Employer May be Protected

BITING THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU:  NLRB SAYS EMPLOYERS CAN GO TOO FAR WHEN THEY PENALIZE AN EMPLOYEE FOR POSTING NEGATIVE COMMENTS ABOUT THEIR EMPLOYER ON THE INTERNET Employees are often warned not to publicly complain about their employer if they want to keep their job.  The thinking is that, like a dog, you shouldn’t […]

Posting on Facebook Can Create Problems for Employment Applicants

In recent years, employers large and small have added Internet searches to their pre-hire investigations of job candidates.  If you are applying for a job, postings by or about you on the Internet can come back to haunt you, regardless of how long ago they may have been posted – or even how long ago […]

How Can You Tell Whether a Worker is an Employee or an Independent Contractor?

The distinction between an employee and an independent contractor is a little-understood area of the law for employers and employees alike.  But, it is essential to determine in which category a worker fits in order to make sure that the worker is paid correctly and also to make sure that the applicable tax laws are […]

Ms. Myer Gives TV Interview on New Restrictive Covenant Law

On January 1, 2011, Mari Myer appeared on  11 Alive News to discuss the recent changes in the Georgia law governing restrictive covenants.  During the interview, which aired twice, Ms. Myer expressed concern that the recent changes in the law, while well-intended, may create numerous problems for Georgia businesses.  The changes are likely to spark […]