U.S. Department Of Labor Adopts New Wage & Hour Rules Applicable To Interns

Students looking to explore a career interest or to gain experience have long been willing to provide their services as unpaid interns in situations in which the students either cannot locate a paid position or are able to make financial ends meet while working in an unpaid position. In recent years, prospective employers have begun […]

Employees Are Protected From Adverse Employment Actions Resulting From The Garnishment Of Wages In Georgia

It is a common practice in Georgia for someone who holds a judgment to garnish the debtor’s wages to satisfy the debt. Georgia law allows the garnishment of wages, independent contractor compensation, payments for goods, bank accounts, and any other money that is owed by any person or entity to the debtor. The garnishment statute […]

Georgia Referendum On Restrictive Covenants In Employment Agreements

By Mari L. Myer, The Myer Law Firm, Decatur, Georgia 1 Georgia has long had a reputation for being very friendly to employers except in one area:  it is difficult to enforce a post-employment restriction against an employee either competing with the employer or soliciting business from the employer’s customers. These restrictions are commonly referred […]

Employee Background Checks

EMPLOYEE BACKGROUND CHECKS: WHAT CAN AN EMPLOYER DO? One of the dilemmas facing employers and employees alike is whether to conduct – or agree to – employee background checks as a part of the hiring process. In the current economy, employees are less likely to decline permission for a background check because they need the […]