Is a Secretary Exempt from Overtime Pay?

One of the common mistakes made by employers is assuming that office workers are exempt from payment of overtime wages simply because they are “white collar”.  The typical scenario is that a secretary is hired at a specified monthly salary, sits at a desk, wears nice clothes, is given a professional sounding title, and is […]

NLRB Postpones Posting Requirement Until April 30, 2012

A previous posting alerted readers to the National Labor Relations Board’s new requirement that a poster be displayed at virtually every workplace giving workers notice of certain rights.  The poster, available at the NLRB’s website, must be posted in non-union shops as well as in union shops.  In response to criticism by various business groups, […]

U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Oral Argument October 5 in an Employment Case

The U.S. Supreme Court started its 2011-12 Term on October 3, 2011.  On October 5, it will hear oral argument on a case involving the intersection of disability law and religion.  A teacher at a Lutheran school took a medical leave of absence, expecting to return to work when cleared by her physicians.  Instead, the […]

Ms. Myer Comments on the Law of Restrictive Covenants as Applied to Franchises

Here is the link to comments Ms. Myer posted to an employment lawyers chat group on September 30.

New NLRB Poster is Available at NLRB Website

As is noted in a prior posting, the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”) has implemented a rule requiring most employers to post a notice of certain workers’ rights beginning November 14, 2011.  This rule applies to most private sector employers, regardless of whether they are a union shop.  The poster is now available for download […]

New NLRB Rule to Take Effect November 14, 2011, Affecting Almost all Private Employers

The National Labor Relations Board has announced that it plans to implement a new rule on November 14, 2011 that will require nearly all private employers to notify employees of certain rights.  The rule is currently in a comment period, but is expected to become effective on November 14 as scheduled.  Assuming the rule becomes […]